Hierarchical index menu for emacs

Latest version is 1.24, dated 2001-06-07


The hier-imenu package is an extension to the standard imenu.el provided by both GNU emacs and Xemacs. imenu.el itself allows major modes to provide an index for easy navigation in a buffer.

Whereas the indexes provided by standard imenu are sufficient for a number of applications, they are of limited usefulness on buffers with a hierarchical structure, like LaTeX, docbook, or HTML documents, or for literate-programming modes.

hier-imenu, provides major modes a way of presenting the user an index menu with a structure reflecting the document's structure.

Do I need this package ?

You'll benefit from this package:



The main stuff is the hier-imenu package itself.

Updates to imenu.el

While working on hier-imenu.el, I hacked into imenu.el for the following things:

If you use Xemacs21 with the lisp packages dated 2000.01.24 or older, you'll want to get this fixed imenu.el. It was tested with Xemacs 21.1.8 and 21.1.9. Just in case, I also provide the full diff between the 1999.12.15-shipped version (which is the same as the one dated 2000.01.24) and mine. A Changelog is included in the diff.

If you use GNU Emacs 20.6 or older, you'll want to get this fixed imenu.el instead. Full diff is there as well.


Yann Dirson

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