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There are a number of programs allowing to do the job of creating hypertexts of C/C++ source trees. However, none of them give a perfect result yet. I'll put on this page the results of my works in attempting to improve them.


GLOBAL is made of several parts: a tagger frontend (gtags) which can use several backends (ctags, exuberant-ctags, etc.), a tagger backend (gctags), and an hypertext generator (htags).

GLOBAL builds 3 tag databases (function definitions, function references, and symbols), and only uses the "function tagfiles" for hypertext building, which means that type definitions and the like do not get cross-referenced, let alone variables.

Here are my resources related to GLOBAL:


The Linux Cross-Referencing engine. Not as easy to use as GLOBAL, but indexes types and variables by default. Not investigated yet.


I believe it may be possible to write a "perfect C++ tagger" with this engine (and maybe a "perfect java tagger" with its friend OpenJava). It could be plugged into one of the hypertext generators.

Yann Dirson

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